About Us


    • To provide an innovative rehabilitation response that will enhance personal Training & Employment plans for people wishing to change their drug using life style.
    • To provide through our Community Prison Link (CPL) a link between community and prison based services through the development of treatment and rehabilitation.


  • We ensure all individuals are treated with dignity by providing a supportive environment based on respect and confidentiality.
  • We support individuals to reach their full potential in their recovery and their future employment / education goals.
  • We demonstrate transparency and accountability in our practice and organisational systems and structures.

AS a registered Charity FusionCPL CLG complies with:

The six principles of the Charities Governance Code which  are:

  1. Advancing Charitable Purpose.
  2. Behaving with Integrity.
  3. Leading People.
  4. Exercising Control.
  5. Working Effectively.
  6. Being Accountable & Transparent.

Supported By:

      Registered Charity No. 20060701